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Picspam (fictive Castle spin-off)

This was made for a spin-off challenge at castleland.

Title: On stage

Synopsis: The new school year starts at the Martha Rodgers School of Acting. New students appear to make their dream to become an actor or actress come true. This new station in life will bring them new friends, new enemys and new challenges.

One of these new students is Grace who wants to become a Broadway star. She's cute and everbody likes her. But she doesn't want to know anybody that she's related to one of the teachers. No one should say she's passed the entry exam because of her mother. But Grace is not the only one to keep a secret.

The show is about her way through the ups and downs of education, new discoveries and the fight for her dream.

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Summer Glau as Grace McGrouph: A very talentet, guarded but ambitious student. She's a little shy and likes to laugh a lot. Has inherited the talent from her mother.


Zac Efron as Jamie Mills: A rich, spoiled student. Everyone listens when he starts to sing. He wants to become more than a friend for Grace.


Torri Higginson as Delphine Renard: Grace's mother. Divorced. A french dance teacher. Very stern, takes her students to the edge of their physical working capacity. Once she had been a famous ballett dancer. She's melancholic and rarely smiles but she has a good heart.


Stephen Lang as Ron Caskade: A brilliant acting teacher. Stern and sometimes cold but he's hidding a soft heart. His students look up to him. He knows Delphine from the past. They had been a couple and deep inside his heart he still loves her. He - like Grace - has no clue that Grace is his daughter.


Michael Vartan as Andrew Hemmings: Voice teacher. He's like a buddy for his students. Very open and loved by everyone. He has a soft spot for Delphine and tries to make her smile whenever he can.


Ashley Scot as Nola Solance: An overambitious student and she envies Grace for her dancing talent. She get's what she wants and sometimes likes to make an intrigue. She enjoys it to flirt with everyone including the male teachers.


Elijah Kelley as Ty Jarell: Jamies best friend. A very ambitious student and he works very hard. But he never forgets to have some fun.


Love this idea... and great cast choices :)
This really was a fun challenge